All Property Transactions

RMB with Johnston Tobin Solicitors are experienced in a wide range of property transactions dealing not only with individuals but property developers and joint venture transactions.  We are experienced with strata developments, in the establishments of Owners Corporations and all the necessities of strata developing assisting owners through to the end of the Initial Period.


RMB with Johnston Tobin Solicitors have extensive experience with commercial and retail leases for a wide range of premises and business clients.  We are experienced with dealing and negotiating with the ‘big players’ in the market particularly large shopping centre operators involving complex leasing arrangements and negotiations.

We can help you with all the work required in the following types of matters;

  • Assignments of leases.
  • Variations of leases.
  • Transfers.
  • Amendments.
  • CPI adjustments.

If you want more information in relation to your rights contact us on 4428 6000.


We are experienced in working with surveyors and developers in the creation of easements, covenants and restrictions on property as part of Section 88B instruments preparations relevant to new sub-divisions of land and amendment of affectations on existing properties. We can assist you with the protection of your interest by putting caveats on and defending you with withdrawals as required.

Retirement Homes and Aged Care Facility Transactions

Entering a Retirement Home or Aged Care Facility has become more complex with various organisations and establishments using complicated lease and licence arrangements to enable new residents to gain Rights of Occupation. The government has attempted to enact detailed legislation to regulate these types of transactions and you need to know your rights before signing such agreements. Please call us for further information.

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